Copec Rally Chile


WRC in Chile

After 19 years of history, the "RallyMobil" Championship has achieved the necessary maturity to hold a world rally championship. A top quality sports structure with more than 50 cars of the R group in accordance with the considerations of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), a high level staging and a commitment of the authorities and the police department of our country that gives us the peace of mind of being a valid option for the realization of the WRC in Chile.

We have thought of the city of Concepción as the epicenter of this great event, since it is the second most important region of our country, with maritime, land and air routes of first level for the public to access from all latitudes. We are convinced that this will be one of the most attractive rallies of the season, with the best roads, the safest for this specialty and with all the necessary elements to provide a great show.

Welcome to Chile and our RallyMobil Championship.

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