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The climate is Mediterranean with oceanic influence and a short dry season in summer. Its average annual temperature is 12,7 ° C, while the average in summer is 17 ° C and in winter 8 ° C.

The thermal oscillations are moderate if we consider its latitude, this due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The summers are mild and the winters mild. Precipitation is concentrated in the coldest months, being the period from May to August the one that concentrates most of the rain. On the contrary, summer is dry.

The city is geographically bordered by two important rivers: the Biobío to the west and the Andalién to the north. These demarcate geographically to the city. In addition, it is crossed by Estero Nonguén, which is born in the valley.

In Concepción, there are also five urban lagoons: Lo Méndez (5,2 hectares), Lo Custodio, Lo Galindo, Las Tres Pascualas (5,9 hectares) and Laguna Redonda (4,1 hectares). The Pineda lagoon is added to them in the rural sector.

Additionally, in the city is the Paicaví wetland, which is one of the largest in the Great Conception, protecting a large number of species, including more than 70 bird species. The wetland also has the function of evacuating rainwater.


Concepción has a wide variety of hotels, hostels, cabins and apartments, either for work or holiday reasons. There are several hotel chains that have settled in the Gran Concepción, providing many options for tourists to enjoy the riches of a beautiful region such as the Biobío Region.

Within the main hotel lines are the Sonesta, Diego de Almagro, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Atton and Ibis.


The Carriel Sur International Airport is the only airport in the Greater Concepción metropolitan area located in the commune and city of Talcahuano. In April, 2009 received the homologation of the international airport, thanks to the repairs carried out on its runway and the installation of an instrumental landing system. At the beginning of March, 2018 started operating the instrument landing system, which allows landings with visibility conditions lower than 100m.

In 2017, the number of passengers coming from Santiago de Chile was 1.045.150.

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The Port of Talcahuano is located in the northeastern sector of the commune and a few kilometers from the Gran Concepción.

Currently, the Port Company Talcahuano - San Vicente, is considering the possibility of concessioning the Port of Talcahuano and has also developed an Urban Renewal Project known as Ventana al Mar, in which land is reclaimed for the development of areas destined for tourism and use. public.

The Port of Talcahuano has a total area of ​​10,6 Hectares, of which 8,9 corresponds to the port area, of which 7,54 is part of the commercial port, concessioned to TTP, and the rest to various fishing facilities, among which has the White Molo of 1,7 hectares., María Isabel Fishing Pier and others.


Sergio Giacaman


Talcahuano: Henry Campos

Concepción: Álvaro Ortiz

Hualpén: Katherine Torres

San Pedro de la Paz: Audit Retamal

Colonel: Boris Chamorro

Burbot: Mauricio Velásquez

Saint Juana: Ángel Castro

Arauco: Mauricio Alarcón

Curanilahue: Luis Gengnagel

Florida: Jorge Roa

Hualqui: Ricardo Fuentes

Yumbel: Juan Cabezas

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