Copec Rally Chile


Copec Rally Chile will be the fourth date of the season

The big news of the new World Rally Championship calendar for the following year are the reinstatement of Japan, Kenya and New Zealand. Chile was the fourth date, between the 16 and 19 in April, after Mexico and before Argentina.

It was confirmed what was rumored and indeed Chile was the fourth date on the calendar of the World Rally Championship, before Argentina. Further. This calendar marks a precedent, since since 1999 Asia and Africa did not live together in a world season. The countries that say goodbye to the WRC 2020 calendar are Spain, Australia and the beautiful Island of Corsica.

«It is no secret that we wanted to further globalize the championship by incorporating more tests outside Europe and we have achieved it for next year with this exciting new calendar»Oliver Ciesla, general director of WRC Promoter, told the official World Rally Championship website

The Monte Carlo Rally will be responsible for starting engines in 2020 between the 23 and 26 in January and is followed by Sweden between the 13 and 16 in February, being the only winter date of the season. Then the Latin American dates will mark a journey across the continent that will delight all the World Cup teams and their drivers.

Land and warm weather tests begin with Portugal in May, and Italy in June, closing the first half of the year. Kenya opens the second sector in July, before they reach the fast dirt roads in Finland, New Zealand and Turkey, all this between August and September.

Germany marks the first test of pure asphalt ahead of the last land rally in Britain, which goes back in the calendar to become the penultimate rally. The season ends with another asphalt surface event in Japan.

  1. Montecarlo 23 - 26 January
  2. Sweden 13 - 16 February
  3. Mexico 12 - 15 March
  4. Chile 16 - 19 April
  5. Argentina 30 April - 3 May
  6. Portugal 21 - 24 May
  7. Italy 4 - 7 June
  8. Kenya 16 - 19 July
  9. Finland 6 - 9 August
  10. New Zealand 3 - 6 September
  11. Turkey 24 - 27 September
  12. Germany 15 - 18 October
  13. Great Britain 29 October - 1 November
  14. Japan 19 - 22 November
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